BRANDEDstyles Salon - Leslie Beard - Newtown, CT
L  E  S  L  I  E   B  E  A  R  D
Co-Owner of BRANDED styles, Leslie has been on 'FOX & Friends cutting 'Dancing with the Stars Contestant and Pro-Cage fighter Chuck Liddel, as well as getting her & her business partner featured on an episode of 'American Choppers!
"I bring my experience and talent to every task I come encountered with, adding a little BRANDED styles to it of course!

Tell Me When YOU need to come in - Call 203.449.3480

We work with all hair types, skin tones & types for make-up and that really makes a difference when your the one styling it when you leave our salon.
Please enjoy my page and feel free to browse through my digital Portfolio.
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